As described in the video, "Buyer Keywords Generator PRO" has the capability of finding the BEST "buyer keywords" for your websites, blogs, YouTube videos, and more!

But what are "buyer keywords" anyhow?

buyer keywords are the phrases people use in search engines when they are searching to buy a product or service. The intent behind "buyer keywords" shows that the searcher is actively in the buying cycle or mood, already well-aware of their need & have seriously considered purchasing a service or product. People with money in their hand will use these types of keywords to find products that they would like to purchase & these are the types of visitors you'll ALWAYS want to have if you're selling any products online!

Buyer Keywords Generator Software Snipping Shot!

As shown in the image above, you generate the "buyer keywords" & then you collect the Google Adwords Keyword Planner data for each keyword to find the "global monthly search volume", "cost-per-click", & Google Adwords "competition" data! Having such insights on this type of valuable data gives you an advantage over other competitors who are also selling similar products within your niche!

*NOTE* Software can be run on a Macintosh iOS using virtualization software such as; Parallels, WineBottler, Boot Camp, etc., etc..


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