EBITDA Multiples

VC Method and DCF with Multiple

Online database compiled and curated by Prof. A. Damodaran, NYU Stern School of Business

By industry

Updated annually

Also from NYU Stern, updated annually:

Long term growth

Market risk premiums


Average and maximum valuations

Scorecard and Checklist Method

Crunchbase database of angel, pre-seed and seed funding rounds of the last 30 months

By country

Update biannually

Required Return On Investment (ROI)

VC Method

Equidam research on VC expected return multiples, timing, and dilution

By stage

Updated annually

Survival rates

DCF Methods

European Office of Statistics, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and other public offices of statistics of different countries

By country

Update annually

Illiquidity discounts

DCF Methods

Equidam research on private companies' shares liquidity

Updated annually

Risk Free Rates

DCF Methods

10Y government security rates as released by financial data providers

By currency

Update biannually

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