With our crowd of 740,000 investors, we’re proud to support ambitious entrepreneurs through our leading equity crowdfunding platform. We’ve helped more than 800 doers, makers and grafters raise over £680m. We’re eager to team up with exciting high-growth UK businesses looking to raise anything from £100k to £7m. We want to help fuel your vision and take your business to the next level.


Equity crowdfunding

As the leading provider of tax valuations in the United States, Carta has extensive experience with the provision of 409A valuations. A tax valuation with Carta will on average take 15-20 days from the valuation request to the finalized report. On top of tax valuations, Carta offers solutions for equity and cap table management.As an Equidam customer you benefit from waived on-boarding fees at Carta!

United States

409A Valuations

Founded as a spinoff of French investment bank BPI France, EuroQuity is one of the largest European investor matchmaking services with global reach. Upload your Equidam valuation report in your EuroQuity account to show that your valuation was computed with state of the art valuation methods and become more attractive to potential investors worldwide!


Investor Matchmaking

Formerly known as Taiwan Elevator Pitch, where contestants made their pitch in a high-speed elevator ride at TAIPEI 101, X-PITCH is the "X Games" for startups by going through the 15-sec, 60-sec and 3-min pitch all the way to win investment prizes. X-PITCH 2021 is the world’s first-ever startup competition to use autonomous EV for a 60-second pitch, bringing an unprecedented experience to all participants.


Accelerator Program

ProjectionHub provides financial projection templates, software and CPA support to companies looking to create financial projections for potential investors, lenders and business planning.

United States, Canada, Australia, UK, Dubai

Financial projection templates, software and consulting

If you have an idea, but no company to bring it to market to yet, gust LAUNCH will help you with everything you need in order to get started. Besides facilitating the actual incorporation process, gust LAUNCH also offers help with establishing bylaws, issuing and managing stock, tax compliance and the creation and execution of legal agreements.As an Equidam customer you get an 8% discount on gust LAUNCH’s services!

United States

Incorporation Help

We are the Mexican network of angel investor clubs, that invests in startups with the greatest potential in Mexico and Latin America. In only 1 year of operations we have raised over 20M pesos and have already 10 startups in our portfolio, currently closing 8 deals more. Industry agnostic, investing tickets between 50K and 250K USD per deal.

México & LATAM

Angel Investing

ONE S&Z operates as a "Venture as a Service" provider, thereby consulting entrepreneurs, family businesses and leaders of hidden champions ("Mittelstand") in finding new business opportunities (investments, acquisitions, strategic partnerships) in the start-up ecosystem. Furthermore, we support and advise start-up with regard to their growth financing and investability (from either the investors and the startups perspectives).

Italy, Austria, Germany, Swiss

Startup Funding, Corporate Venture Capital (Investments and Strategic Partnerships)

The Accounting firm Corti Fumagalli is active in the field of tax. The firm was established in 2014 by Dr. Ramona Corti and Dr. Nicola Fumagalli as a corporate and accounting consultancy. Our offices are in Lissone and in Milan. We provide qualified professional services to large corporate groups as well as to small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals regarding taxation of their assets.The founding partners count on a network of professionals, among which are labour consultants, lawyers, chartered accountants and statutory auditors, whose contribution has strengthened over the years and who work in synergy to ensure the utmost quality in the services offered and the achievement of targets: innovation and growth in both local and international markets.

Italy & Europe

Financial Services

As Australia’s #1 accounting and CFO service for startups, valuations are one of our specialities. Our market experience is relied on by startups and fast-growing businesses that need valuations when raising capital, seeking other sources of funding or implementing employee share schemes. We’ll sense check your underlying financial model and manage the valuation process to make sure you feel confident and in control.


Accounting & Virtual CFO

WETFOREST is a Business Platform founded by entrepreneurs and executives with great experience to boost entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem by supporting startups to develop their business, grow fast and raise investment. Through its successful model and a highly committed work with the entrepreneur, continuous improvements are generated based on detected gaps that exist in an organization, quickly reinforcing the company to lead and transform the market in which it participates.

Latin America

Business Platform

FundedHere is an equity and debt crowdfunding platform. We raised more than $18 million over 30 campaigns. FundedHere’s startup ecosystem also consists of more than 1,800 investors, over 20 partners and more than 40 mentors.

Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia

Crowdfunding Platform

Ethis Malaysia, which is part of Ethis Group, is the first fully Shariah-compliant equity crowdfunding platform approved under the Securities Commission of Malaysia. We at Ethis believe that equity crowdfunding is the future of the Islamic capital markets, and are committed to connect entrepreneurs with commercially sound and socially impactful business opportunities, to our growing community of global investors.


Equity Crowdfunding

We help businesses raise money through crowdfunding and angel investment If you are looking to raise funds publicly through crowdfunding on Crowdcube, Seedrs, Kickstarter or Indiegogo, or privately through Angel Investment, we can help you plan, manage and optimize your campaign. We assist ambitious businesses in all sectors, helping you to communicate with potential investors and portray your business in the best possible light. With our flexible and comprehensive services, there has never been a better time to get in touch to discuss your fundraising journey!

United Kingdom, US and Europe

Fundraising Agency

Equifund is an equity crowdfunding platform that delivers vetted, early-stage investment opportunities to the North American market.Our belief is that everyone should have easy access to high-quality startup and growth stage companies.Through our proprietary investment platform, we connect thousands of investors with private equity opportunities seeking capital. As an Equidam customer you can save $ 500!

United States & Canada

Equity Crowdfunding

BizPlace is an investor matchmaking service operating in Italy. It allows you to collect investments through its network of 400 Italian investors by setting up an investment strategy for you, making sure you have all necessary documents ready, establishing connections between you and interested investors and helping you until the deal is closed.As an Equidam customer you get a 20% discount on BizPlace’s sign-up fee!

Italy & UK

Investor Matchmaking

Everyone should have the opportunity to invest in the Australian brands they love. Birchal makes it happen. Based on our experience and knowledge of crowdfunding, we created a platform service to make the process of investment simple and fast in companies with a strong consumer focus. As one of the first licensed platforms to allow everyday Australians to buy shares directly in private and unlisted public companies, Birchal has currently raised over $14 million dollars in since 2017 for 24 companies and hosted the largest equity crowdfunding raises in Australia to date. Let us help you turn your customers into your most trusted brand ambassadors.


Crowdfunding Platform

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